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Behind the Scenes

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The Beginning

Our initial advisory meeting for this project included 33 people – teachers, education directors from different organizations, members of the Maryland State Department of Education and MPT. Needless to say, everyone had an idea for the site (or two or three)!

Next, our writers sifted through the hundreds of ideas generated at the meeting and came up with a concept for the site. Now, would all 33 people buy in?? We crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

After looking through all feedback, we vetted the final concept with core advisors,
and Bayville was born!


Production Highlights

In order to create a virtual tour of the Bay, we had to…um…tour the Bay! It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it. Luckily, we had lots of volunteers!

First Stop: Maryland’s Eastern Shore

The Audubon Society of Maryland/DC’s Director Amy Bourque took our crew kayaking to capture video and still images of the Bay. We joked before we left that we’d better hold on tight to the camera. Unfortunately, we didn’t hold on tight enough!!


Associate Producer Bill Beustring and Writer Rebecca Renard show off their muscles.


Director of Educational Production Carol Jackson finds that she has a way with the paddle.


Bill checks to see if the camera survived an accidental dunk in the Bay.  (Sadly, it did not!) Apparently, they have swimsuits for cameras, just in case. (Really!) Next time, we’ll make sure to be prepared.


Well, at least all humans survived the outing!

Next stop: Annapolis, MD

Captain Dave Gelenter and crew showed us the sights via the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s skipjack, Stanley Norman, anchored in Annapolis



Production day – no rain!!


Rebecca Renard finds inspiration from the sunny breezes of Annapolis Harbor.


Photographer Frank Leung and Associate Producer Bill Beustring strategize about shots.


Hmmm…we’re shooting the video “point of view”. Frank must think kids will be quite adventurous!


Yet another stop

We spent lots of time with A.J. and Bob Lippson. We recorded them talking about the Bay at their home (where else) on the Bay!


The Lippsons say “cheese”.


Take Me Around Maryland!!

If you’ve enjoyed the stories in our Bayville Theater, you can thank the cast and crew of Outdoors Maryland!

This series is one of MPT’s most popular, and most of the video features on this site are from their archives.
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