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Production Team

Director of Educational Production
Carol Jackson

Director of Content and Instructional Design, Lead Writer
Ann Klimas

Manager of Professional Development
Diane Rymer

Rebecca Renard

Associate Producer
William Beustring

Jaime Leiner
Sterling Turner


Produced & Designed By

Bean Creative

Layla Masri

Vice President
Keith Soares

Director of Programming
Stuart Pham

Director of Design and Development
Bill Setzer

Project Coordinator
Amy Phillips

Senior Developer
Emily Grossman

Flash Developer
Charlie Mason

Web Developer
Nathan Cross


Voice Talent

Christopher Graybill

Student Voices
Diana, Jason, Kyle


Special Thanks

Chesapeake Bay Foundation Skipjack Crew

Captain Dave Gelenter
Claire Winchester
Bryn Carey

Images Courtesy

A.J. Lippson – Line drawings of Bay animals
Duane Raver – Line drawings of Bay animals
Taina Litwak – Line drawings for the BayLab.

Video Courtesy

Outdoors Maryland
Executive Producer Mike English
Supervising Producer, Susan Jacobson

Technical Assistance

Field Camera
William Beustring
Kim Moir
Frank Leung

William Beustring
John Davidson
David Wainwright

Educational Services and Outreach

Director of Digital Development
Mike Aubin

Director of Education Marketing
Betsy Peisach

Director of Business Affairs
Barbara Mochinal

Unit Manager
Kim Smith

Vice President and Chief Education Officer
Gail Porter Long

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