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The students for whom the site was designed

The premise of the site

The site PDA students will use

Optimal computer settings & software

Using the site with different computer set-ups



Bayville’s Audience

This web site was developed with middle grade science students in mind. In it, ecology, the environment, and other scientific topics are seen through lens of the Chesapeake Bay. In addition to helping students understand these topics, we also hope that the site encourages them to see the Bay and its watershed, as well as all of nature, as important resources that need to be protected.

We realize that these grade levels encompasses students with wide ranges of interests and abilities. We have provided strong reading supports (definitions, visual presentations of information, graphic organizers, and organizational structure) for those who are still mastering reading in the science content areas.

The interactives here may suit some grade levels better than others. We suggest you review your curricula and your students’ needs to find the best match possible. You can use this chart to help you determine this. All interactives have been aligned to Maryland’s Voluntary State Curriculum standards.

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Bayville’s Premise

When users enter the site, they become an associate producer/researcher for the PROduction Company, a group interested in developing a series of television documentaries on the Chesapeake Bay. Their job is to look at and evaluate information so that they can make recommendations to the company about important subjects, data, and information to include in the TV series.

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The BAYberry, Bayville’s PDA

Students and other users will have access to a personal PDA throughout their Bayville experience. Students log on to the PDA with a personal password. As they become involved with an interactive, they will be prompted to use their PDA to answer pertinent questions and express opinions. All the information they record will be saved and can be accessed on future visits. In addition, all information they record on their PDA can be printed and emailed.

Students can use their PDA when a special button (Take Notes) appears on the screen. If they access the PDA through the icon on the bottom of the screen, they can only edit comments they have previously entered.

If your students do not register to use their PDA, their information will not be saved for future access. While on the interactive portions of Bayville, a user logged in as a “guest” can access information stored on their PDA.
However if they:

  • close the program they are using to connect with the Internet, or
  • turn off the computer, or
  • navigate to a page that is not interactive, such as the Resources section, or
  • use the refresh button on their browser

any data entered on the PDA will be lost.

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Optimal Computer Settings

  1. Computers will need Macromedia Flash Version 6 or higher to use the interactives on this site. If your computer does not have the Flash player plug-in, please visit Macromedia's website to download it.
  2. Set your monitor resolution to at least 800 x 600 pixels for best results.
  3. Be sure to maximize your browser window.
  4. To view and print some documents on this site, you'll need Adobe Acrobat 6.0 or higher. If your computer does not have Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader, please visit Adobe's website to download the plug-in.
  5. Share our site's URL — — and this page with your local network administrators. These folks can provide support in terms of the best place to use the site with students in your school. They can also troubleshoot firewall, filter, or other technical issues that may make access to the site difficult.

Please contact us if you have persistent technical troubles with the site.

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Using Bayville with Different Computer Set-ups

If you have one computer in your classroom. . .
consider using an LCD projector to share the site and its interactives with your whole class.

If you have multiple computers in your classroom. . . consider forming small groups (four students is optimal) to navigate the site. One person could control the mouse, one person could serve as the group’s recorder, one person could be the group’s organizer and timekeeper, and one person could be the group’s consensus builder, making sure that everyone’s voice is heard and helping to solve any conflicts. You may want to bookmark the site for students prior to your activity.

If you have access to a computer lab . . . consider bookmarking the site for all students. Introduce the activity in your classroom and make sure everyone understands their tasks while in the lab. Circulate among students to answer questions and make sure they are on task.

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