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Classroom Resources

For More Information on the Chesapeake

For even more info, see these other sections of the site:

Chesapeake Bay FAQ

Chesapeake Bay Timeline

Explore these resources to find out more about the past, present, and future of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Other Sites of Interest

There is a wealth of online resources specifically about the Chesapeake Bay and about some of the scientific, environmental, and ecological principles introduced in this Bayville site.

We’ve included references about the links that show sites that are especially useful in enhancing student experience with specific Bayville interactives.

Sites for adults and kids
These sites are appropriate for both audiences. However, kids may need some supervision or assistance.

Sites for kids
Young people can get on and navigate without any help from an adult.

Sites for adults
These sites are written mainly for adults, and, sometimes, specifically for teachers.

Using Bayville with Outdoor Experiences
Use Bayville to extend an outdoor experience using these teacher suggested sequences.

Taking Action Outdoors with Students
Use this stepwise approach to build an action plan to take action on an environmental issue in your area.

Chesapeake Bay Reading

Need to find out more information about the Chesapeake Bay? Try some of the books on these lists to point you in the right direction.

Fiction for readers of all ages

Nonfiction for readers of all ages

Printable List of recommended titles and authors (PDF)


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