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Classroom Resources

For More Information on the Chesapeake

Explore these resources to find out more about the past, present, and future of the Chesapeake Bay watershed.


Chesapeake Bay Reading

Need to find out more information about the Chesapeake Bay? Try some of the books on these lists to point you in the right direction.

Fiction for Readers of All Ages 

Chadwick the Crab
Priscilla Cummings
Tidewater Publishers
ISBN: 0-87033-347-X
Ages 3 - 7
Chadwick the Crab wants to be a star! This book, which introduced a whole series focused on the charming crustacean, may be a bit simplistic for some readers, but introduces important points about the interdependence of creatures throughout the Bay.

Chesapeake Bay Goose Music
Roger Ethier
Folklore Co.
ISBN: 096449244X
Ages 6 – adult
Based on Chesapeake Bay folklore, this story tells about three children rescuing a wounded Canada goose during a snow storm. This story is part of the Chesapeake Bay Goose Music series, which is subtitled, “Stories for Kids of all Ages.”

Done Crabbin’: Noah Leaves the River
Gilbert Byron
The Johns Hopkins University Press
ISBN: 0-8018-6528-X
Ages 12 – adult
This collection of short stories, written about the adventures of a boy living in Chestertown in the early 1900s, brings into focus the time and the place of this little town on the Bay.

Jacob I Have Loved
Katherine Paterson
ISBN:  0690040784
Ages 9 - 12
This Newbery Award winning novel story tells the story of a young twin girl growing up in the 1940s on the Chesapeake Bay, trying to find a place for herself that isn’t already taken by her sister.

Oyster Moon
Margaret Meacham
Tidewater Publishers
ISBN: 0-87033-459-X
Ages 9 - 12
The Oyster Wars are a little-known event in Chesapeake Bay history. You’ll discover details of this tumultuous time as you try to solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of a young boy.

Oysterback Tales
Helen Chappell
The Johns Hopkins University Press
ISBN: 0-8018-8060-2
Ages 12 – adult
This Dorchester County native has created the mythical town of Oysterback as the background for short stories that are true to the mores and manners of communities throughout the Eastern Shore.

Waterman’s Boy
Susan Sharpe
Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
ISBN: 0027823512
Ages 9 – 12
This story features two young boys from the Chesapeake region dealing with a an ecological nightmare and the problems the watermen’s culture now faces—learning first hand what it means to save the Bay.


Nonfiction for Readers of All Ages 

Awesome Chesapeake: A Kid’s Guide to the Bay
David Owen Bell
Tidewater Publishers
ISBN: 0-87033-457-3
Ages 3 – 7
Written especially for young readers, this book presents the Bay with easily understandable text and illustrations.

The Bay
Gilbert Klingel
The Johns Hopkins University Press
ISBN: 0-8018-2536-9
Ages 12 - adult
Awarded the John Burroughs Medal of the American Museum of Natural History, this book presents an intimate picture of the ecosystem and its plants and animals.

Bay Country
Tom Horton
The Johns Hopkins University Press
ISBN: 0-8018-4875-X
Ages 12 – adult
This series of essays offers a viewpoint of the Chesapeake Bay from an insider who has experienced the Bay on many levels for many years.

Beautiful Swimmers: Watermen, Crabs, and the Chesapeake Bay
William W. Warner
Back Bay Books
ISBN: 0-316-92335-4
Ages 12 – adult
This Pulitzer Prize-winning book is a classic examination of the blue crab and the culture of the people who depend on it for their livelihoods.

Baltimore Harbor: A Pictorial History
Robert C. Keith
The Johns Hopkins University Press
ISBN: 0-8018-7980-9
Ages 12 – adult
Through extensive photographs, illustrations, and maps, this book traces the history of the Baltimore Harbor traces from its beginnings to modern-day, showing how commerce has shaped the economy and the culture of the Bay.
Birds of the Chesapeake Bay
John W. Taylor
The Johns Hopkins University Press
ISBN: 0-8018-438-4
Ages 12 – adult
Featuring commentary and paintings by this noted artist, this book presents portraits of 40 birds found throughout the Bay region.

Chesapeake Boyhood
East of the Chesapeake
William H. Turner
The Johns Hopkins University Press
Ages 12 – adult
ISBN: (Chesapeake Boyhood) 0-8018-5589-6  (East of the Chesapeake) 0-8018-0470-4
Both books follow the Eastern shore boyhood of this gifted author, growing up in the years after the Great Depression.

Chessie Racing
George C. Collins and Kathy Alexander
The Johns Hopkins University Press
ISBN: 0-8018-6413-5
Ages 12 – adult
This book follows the first ever entry from the Chesapeake Bay in the famous Whitbread Round the World Race, charting her course during the 1997-98 race.

A Day on the Bay: Postcard Views of the Chesapeake
Bert & Anthea Smith
The Johns Hopkins University Press
ISBN: 0-8018-6857-2
All ages
This charming book looks backs into the Chesapeake’s past through the lens of picture postcards to capture times when people flocked to Chesapeake Bay resorts.

The Disappearing Islands of the Chesapeake
William B. Cronin
The Johns Hopkins University Press
ISBN: 0-8018-7435-1
Ages 12 – adult
Oceanographer William Cronin charts the course of more than 40 islands in the Chesapeake and the changes they have undergone, revealing the impact of global climate changes.

Discovering the Chesapeake
Philip D. Curtin
Grace S. Brush
George W. Fisher
The Johns Hopkins University Press
ISBN: 0-8018-6468-2
Ages 12 – adult
Created by an historian, a paleobiologist, and a geologist, this book traces the history of the Chesapeake Bay as it has changed over the centuries.

The Great Marsh: An Intimate Journey into a Chesapeake Wetland
David W. Harp and Tom Horton
The Johns Hopkins University Press
ISBN: 0-801806777-0
All ages
Harps’ intriguing photography provides an intimate glimpse into this beautiful environment. Narrated by Tom Horton, this is a great book to share with all members of the family.

An Island Out of Time: A Memoir of Smith Island in the Chesapeake
Tom Horton
Vintage Departures – Vintage Books
ISBN: 0-679-78105-6
Ages 12 – adult
This noted Bay author looks at Smith Island through the lens of his family’s three years on the island and its dependence on the winds and waters of the Bay.

Life in the Chesapeake Bay: Second Edition
Alice Jane Lippson and Robert L. Lippson
The Johns Hopkins University Press
ISBN: 0-8018-5475-X
Ages 12 - adult
The “bible” for all Chesapeake Bay enthusiasts, this book identifies and gives fascinating details about more than two thousand plants and animals that make their home in the Chesapeake Bay.

Old Ocean City: The Journal and Photographs of Robert Craighead Walker, 1904-1916
C. John Sullivan
The Johns Hopkins University Press
ISBN: 0-8018-6585-9
All ages
What was Ocean City like in the early 1900s? You can find out by exploring the photos and diary entries written by a young Robert Walker, whose family home at the corner of Baltimore Avenue and Seventh Street still stands.

The Oyster
William L. Brooks
The Johns Hopkins University Press
ISBN: 0-8018-5391-5
Ages 12 - adult
This book was originally written over 100 years ago by the man who had served as Maryland’s oyster commissioner. Brooks was also a consummate scientist, and explains the oyster and its place in the Bay with grace and elegance.

The Oyster Wars of the Chesapeake Bay
John R. Wennersten
Tidewater Publishers
ISBN: 0-87033-263-5
Ages 12 - adult
Labeled an “intriguing story of violence and mayhem,” this book charts the bloody course of the Oyster Wars when Marylanders and Virginians fought for this precious resource.

Pirates on the Chesapeake: Being a True History of Pirates, Picaroons, and Raiders on the Chesapeake Bay, 1610 – 1807
David Shomette
Tidewater Publishers
ISBN: 0-87033-343-7
Ages 12 - adult
THE book to locate if you are interested in this fascinating topic!

Saving the Bay: People Working for the Future of the Chesapeake
Ann and Richard Dorbin
The Johns Hopkins University Press
ISBN: 0-8018-6628-6
Ages 12 - adult
The photo-essays in this book remind us all how great a part we all play in the future of the Bay.

Turning the Tide: Saving the Chesapeake Bay
Tom Horton
© Chesapeake Bay Foundation
ISBN: 1-55963-100-7
Ages 12 – adult
Horton assays the state of the Bay restoration and points the way to further efforts that are needed.

Water’s Way: Like Along the Chesapeake
David Harp and Tom Horton
The Johns Hopkins University Press
ISBN: 0-8018-6426-7
All ages
Harp and Horton collaborate to create a book of photographs that capture the beauty and essence of the Chesapeake Bay.

Where Did All the Water Go?
Carolyn Sterns
Tidewater Press
ISBN: 0-87033-506-5
Ages 3 – 7
A child deals with a phenomenon in the Bay, when the combination of a full moon, cold air, high pressure, and northwest winds causes water levels so low that the water disappears from the usually shallow places.

The Workboats of Smith Island
Paula J. Johnson
The Johns Hopkins University Press
ISBN: 0-8018-5482-9
Ages 12 – adult
Smith Islanders have always depended on their boats—crab scraping boats, deadrise workboats, and the skiff. In this detailed look at the way these books are constructed and used, Johnson also tells the stories of the men and women who depend on them

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