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Transcript of “planting a buffer forest” video

Student 1: We went out to the Chesapeake Bay and we planted trees to stop the runoff from going into the Chesapeake Bay…

Text on screen: What’s runoff?

Student 1: Runoff is like all the pollution and bad stuff that rain washes into the water.

Student 2: Runoff is bad because it can get into rivers and make the water unhealthy for the ecosystem there.

Student 3: We were planting trees to help the environment by filtering out pollution from the water, if it’s point or non-point source pollution. Point source pollution is where you can find out where the pollution came from. Non-point source pollution is where you can’t find out where it came from.

Student 4: We learned about ecosystems and how we have to protect the ecosystem. And we learned about runoff and how fertilizer and all the different chemicals can get to rainfall water and lead to waterways.

Student 2: We went down to a wide open area where we could plant trees, and we planted a lot of trees to make a buffer for the Patuxent River, that was nearby.

Text on screen: A buffer? What’s THAT?

Student 2: A buffer is where you plant a bunch of trees that helps stop runoff from getting into the river.

Student 5: Our tour guide, or our master gardener said that the Patuxent River is what we were trying to protect, because the Patuxent River went into the Chesapeake Bay. Our tour guide said the amount of trees was good, because we had already filled up one site, and already the water was, like, crystal clear.

Student 2: Well, it’s very fun to know that you helped the ecosystem by just planting a tree with your group.

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