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Transcript of “restoring an urban stream” video

Sean: We’re with Arlington Echo, and my school came here earlier in the spring, around April, to plant some plants. We planted some white cedar, some cranberries to help the Chesapeake Bay watershed, because the water is getting too polluted. We’re trying to prevent erosion, and things like that to make the Chesapeake Bay cleaner and a better place to live.

Boys planting: Is that big enough? No we got all roots right here. This is all roots.

Counselor (voice): Why don’t you put the plant in and see. I’m sure that’s big enough.

Three girls planting: Everyday, we would probably just not go and just throw something anyplace. We’d make sure it gets to the trashcan. And if we see something, we put it in… Like, her dad and I were on a bike trail, and we saw a whole bunch of trash like napkins. And we picked it all up. So that helps too. Just everyday things like throwing things away can help, because if there’s still things in it, and you just throw it, it can end up in the water and hurt the animals.

Girl’s voice: If you see rocks and stuff, get the rocks out.

Girl: When we take something back, that’s what the Indian guides say, that when we take something back, we give something back.

Boy: We thought it was going to be really boring, but it’s extremely fun, though.”

Three girls: If they haven’t done this, this is really fun. They should do it. You get to do lots of fun stuff. Like, you get to plant lots of plants and you get to go canoeing, and do a whole bunch of stuff that helps the earth. We encourage you to do it. And it’s for everybody’s own good. You don’t necessarily have come to the camp, but just try to go out once a month, and plant something just to help. Or put rocks around the stream to help clean out the water…

Counselor: Okay everybody. How do you feel?

Campers: I feel good. I feel so good, Ahhh!

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