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Hope at the Edge, part 2

Narrator: Like many of the watermen, each day 24-year old Jamie Marshal comes for lunch to the Drum Point Market, the only store in the small town of Tylerton. So does his father Dwight. His mother Marie Ada, and his wife Heather do the cooking. The Marshall family owns the place. It’s the social center of the town.

Narrator: Their accents are a throw back to old English, to the original settlers who came here in the 17th century.

Narrator: Tylerton is the smallest of the three villages on Smith Island. Ewell and Rhodes Point are the other two towns. With its run-down crab shanties and turn of the century clapboard houses, some might call Tylerton a quaint fishing village. Only seventy-four people live here year-round. A twice a day ferry provides the all-important link to the mainland. There are no cars here, just bicycles and golf carts. No police force, no town council. In fact, it’s a quiet, isolated place. Not much happens here.

Narrator: So when Jamie Marshal returned home two years ago from a tour in the Marines to marry Heather, a local Smith Island girl, it was big news. At the Marshal dining room table, the pictures of the wedding are still being passed around.

Jamie: I like the friendly way of life around there. It’s a great place to bring up children. I like being independent, being on my own, no boss, it’s quiet. It’s just, I don’t know, you’re closer to your family and your roots. I’d rather be home.


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