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Hope at the Edge, Part 4

Narrator:  The Evans family is another example of a family concerned about the next generation. Before daybreak, Eddie Evans and his son, Eddie Junior leave the docks for a long day of crabbing in their separate boats. Day in and day out this is their routine.

For the Evans', crab fishing is a family venture. Everyone helps out. Eddie was pleased when his sons decided to follow in his footsteps but he's not sure whether his two grandsons, 14-year-old Craig and 8-year-old Derrick, should become watermen.

Eddie: I was happy when my sons did. Now I'm apprehensive enough that my grandchildren, it makes me stop and think what’s going to be there for them. I'm happy to see them want to do it but on the other hand I'm wondering if the finances will be there for them as they grow to the age to raise a family.

Narrator:  Evans is concerned that the crab fishery is now being over-fished.

Eddie:  I can see where they could get so low that you couldn't make a living. Now as far as the crabs, they're a very resilient creature the crab is. But it could get so low that you can't make a living and at that point, there just won't be any as far as we're concerned, as a livelihood.

Narrator: Eddie Evans' oldest son, Eddie Junior, has been a waterman almost all his life. Despite the hard work, he has few complaints. He has an open mind about what his son, Craig, should do. "Whatever he wants," he says, is fine with him. But his wife Lisa is more skeptical about the future of life on the water. She works at a local restaurant in Ewell to help pay the family bills. She wants her son to continue his education.

Lisa Evans: I'd like him to stay here but you have to be realistic sometimes. A lot of the youngsters now are leaving. I just don't want him to have as hard a life as most watermen have on the island. It's a hard, backbreaking life. You never know from one season to the next. I'd like him to have some security.


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