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Learn about restoration and conservation projects that your students can get involved in.

Bayville is a web site for middle grade students studying the plants and animals, ecology, and the environment.  This site uses the focus of the Chesapeake Bay to examine issues related to these science subjects.

When users enter the site, they become an associate producer/researcher for the PROduction Company, a group interested in developing a series of television documentaries on the Chesapeake Bay. Their job is to look at and evaluate information so that they can make recommendations to the company about important subjects, data, and information to include in the TV series.

Use these resources to help every member of the family participate in this learning adventure.

Supporting Family Members as they Navigate this Site

About the Interactive Activities

Day Trips and Weekend Excursions Families can Take Together

Other Educational Opportunities at Bayville’s Partners’ Sites

Things Families can do to Reduce Pollution

Projects for Restoring the Bay and Advocating Changes that will Protect the Bay


More Useful Resources

Books on the Bay Families can Read Together

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