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About the Interactive Activities on This Site

Which Bayville activities are best for your children? Your first criterion should be your children themselves.  What are they interested in doing?  Children will probably gravitate to one interactive or the other, based on their interests.  If they get stuck, they may turn to you for help.  Be prepared to step in—not with the answers, but with information they can use to make this decision.

This chart will help you get an overview of the interactives—what they are and what user skills can help children navigate them.

Suggested User Skills


Students tour eight Bay locations to find animals or plants that should be featured in the video series, learning about the ways in which they are adapted to their environment.

Average reading skills
Interest in plants, animals, & scavenger hunts





What’s for dinner at the Chesapeake watershed? Students discover predator/prey and consumer/producer relationships as they play this card game based on food chains throughout the ecosystem.

Basic reading skills
Interest in plants, animals, & games





The water cycle is featured in this interactive, as students grapple with the proposed development of a Mega Mall in Bayville. Using their PDAs, students report back to the PROduction Company, telling them what they think the important story elements are.

Average reading skills
Interest in ecology and the environment





A hands-on science lab becomes the place where students explore various hypotheses about the reasons for the disappearance of submerged aquatic vegetation. Which one makes the most sense to the students? Their report to the PROduction Company explains.

Average reading skills
Lab experiences in science
Interest in solving puzzles





Is the recent sighting of Chessie, the mythical beast of the Chesapeake, a hoax? Students have to figure that out for themselves by talking with geologists, people who claim to have seen Chessie, and others in this interactive story.

Average reading skills
Interest in mysteries





Are your students Chesapeake Champs? They can find out by exploring a Bay-smarts survey – and learning about others who have made a difference in the present and future of the Bay. The students tell the PROduction Company which of the Chesapeake Champs should be featured in their TV series.

Average reading skills
Interest in social action initiatives





Videos shot throughout the watershed are the focus of this interactive, allowing students choices to gather visual information about the topics explored throughout the site.

Basic reading skills
Interest in visual arts


For more information about the interactives, you may want to review the Classroom Resources section.

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