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For Families

Supporting Family Members
as They Navigate This Site

Home Schooling?Are you home schooling your children?  Make sure to look at the Classroom Resources section for more tips and strategies about using this site as part of your children’s learning experiences.

For ways to help struggling readers get the most out of this site, explore the reading resources included on our site.

For more suggestions on ways to help your children as their first and best teacher, check out Thinkport’s Education @ Home.

As with every form of media, online learning experiences such as this one are best used by children when they are supported by their parents. 

Here are some suggested ways in which you can work along with your children as they use this site:

  • Side by Side …  Sit down at the computer with your children to explore the site. How do the interactives here coincide with topics your child is already interested in?  What interactives introduce new topics that they would like to explore? These sections might be a good place to begin to explore together. Don’t worry if you aren’t as comfortable with online media as your children are.  Let them teach you how it works.

HINT: You may want to bookmark the site to make it easier to come back here.

  • Keep TalkingTalk about what you see here as you explore. What do your children think about it?  Why did they decide to complete a certain activity?  What do they learn that surprises them?  Asking questions can start a very fruitful conversation.  It also puts children in “the driver’s seat.” They are guiding their own learning and gaining self-confidence.

  • Going Beyond  … Follow up on activities or topics they enjoy by reading more about them in other print and online resources or talking about what they did on the site with other members of the family.
  • Road trips …  Consider extending your child’s experience with this site by taking a day trip to a Bay-related location.  We’ve included some suggestions here.
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